How to Get Amazing V Cut Abs

Time for better abs.

Want to learn how to get V Cut Abs? One of the first points to bear in mind is nutrition.

The lower abs are one of the hardest places to lose fat.

In order to achieve V Cut Abs, you will have to be consistent with a solid nutrition plan.

In this great video from Athlean-X Jeff explains, “Here’s the truth.  The first thing that you will need to do beyond anything else is get your body fat levels down. 

For men, this is particularly important since the area that tends to be the most stubborn, where body fat accumulation is the last to come off when leaning up, is the lower abdominal region.

barbell abs exercises v cut absSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

This means, no short term diet or nutrient restriction is going to get you the v-cut abs you’re looking for.”

Understanding the Obliques

“When it comes to the obliques, there are two separate muscles.  The internal obliques (which are deeper and further from the surface) and the external obliques. 

These muscles actually run perpendicular to each other and serve two entirely different functions.  The external obliques insert onto the iliac crest and have a tendinous sheath that blends into this attachment called the aponeurosis.  This is the “v’” cut line that you are familiar with in the lower ab region.

The internal oblique has fibres that run perpendicular to the v-cut line.  They too have a shared tendinous sheath that feeds directly into the thickening and also share a common connection with the deepest of the abdominal muscles – the transverse abdominis. 

We know that when we can transmit force through a muscle and it’s fibres that we can also relay this into the fascia and tendinous attachment of this muscle to the bone.”

How to Get V Cut Abs – Video

“With the three steps shown here we can maximally activate and contract this area known as the v-cut line. 

  1. First you want to flatten the belly by contracting the transverse and bringing your belly button closer to your spine
  2. Next, you want to posteriorly tilt your pelvis and activate the rectus abdominis from the top 
  3. Finally, rotation to the same side that you are trying to contract is going to recruit the internal oblique the hardest

Do this three-step combo and you will feel a contraction in this area like never before.

Continue to train this muscle 3-5 times per week at the end of your other ab training and workouts and you will get much more neuromuscular control of it. 

It won’t take long, when combined with a solid nutrition plan, to start seeing the development of this often times neglected area.”

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