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How to Get Bigger Arms in Less than 3 Minutes

Improve your arms.

Jeff from Athlean X explains how to get bigger arms in less than 3 minutes.

How to get Bigger Arms in Less than 3 Minutes

“Want to know how to get bigger arms in under 3 minutes?  Watch this video and I show you one of the most effective workout methods for getting big biceps by performing the stretch reflex the right way!  The technique shown here allows you to not only get a stronger contraction of the biceps on your incline curls but also how to create more muscle damage from which you can expect to add more significant size to your arms.”

Biceps-Muscles How to Get Big Biceps How to Get Bigger Arms in Less than 3 MinutesSource: Photos Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

“During a biceps incline curl, you want to actively contract the triceps muscle so you reciprocally inhibit the biceps muscle.  This allows you to enhance the degree of stretch placed on the bicep.  From here you contract your biceps and complete the rep of the curl.  This improved stretch will create more micro tears of the muscle fibres and also lead to a more forceful contraction.”

How to get Bigger Arms in Less than 3 Minutes

“The mistake that most people make when doing their arm workouts and exercises is overlooking these set methods.  Adding even just a few of these arm building techniques will greatly improve your chances of getting big arms (both biceps and triceps) while still keeping your workouts short.  This is because you are trading workout length for intensity which is almost always a surefire way to answer the how to get big biceps question.”

“Those wanting to know how to get bigger arms will definitely want to try using this technique in their next biceps workout.  Now, we know that big arms aren’t created solely by targeting the biceps so you’ll want to be sure that you also hit those triceps with some high intensity sets as well.”

Video – How to get Bigger Arms in Less than 3 Minutes

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