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I’m Fat…And I Need Help

Check out this interesting story.

An inspiring message from Jeff from Athlean X, responding to a young man that was hesitant to start training because he felt too fat.

Here is the message that the man posted on Reddit.

Here is the link where you can show support to this young man who is the inspiration for this video:”

“If you have ever struggled to find the comfort to go to the gym because you have felt self-conscious about your weight or body, then this is a video you are going to definitely want to watch. All too often, people are too intimated to start the very activity that they know holds the long-term solution to their physical and mental health issues for the simple fear of being judged. This has got to stop.”

“In this video, I’m addressing a comment that was left on reddit where a young 20-year-old was hesitant to start a gym routine fearing that his lack of experience in the gym as well as his poor conditioning were going to have more people looking at him than looking to help him.”

“On the complete other side of the spectrum, I can relate in some way. No, I’ve never spent a day of my life overweight and I am so very grateful for that. That said, while the physical toll of being too skinny is not nearly equitable to the toll that carrying excess weight has on your body – it can still be very mentally damaging and discouraging to both.”

“What you must realize if you find yourself in either shoe however is that your perceptions of others is often directly opposite of what they are actually thinking about you. I know personally if I see someone in a gym who is either very inexperienced or very out of shape, I want to applaud them. We can all remember just how uncomfortable it was to walk in, maybe even alone, for the very first time and take your first step towards getting into better health.”

“The gym machines are foreign. The proprioception on lifts is awkward. Even the routines are forced and finding the right person to ask what me seem to you as “dumb” questions can be off-putting. That said, the sooner you can realize that people are often there to help and are glad to help you, the faster you are able to find that comfort level that is going to propel you to achieve the fitness levels that you deserve. I say deserve, because again, having the courage to take that first step into the realm of the unknown is a respectable and admirable thing that should be rewarded with nothing but you achieving the exact goals you stepped into that gym for in the first place.”

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“Now, I’m not going to lie. Being overweight makes this much harder than being underweight. Physically. Even the simple act of walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike is more difficult when you are carrying too much excess weight. Your joints are likely to hurt more, your cardiac demands are going to be much higher. Even your aforementioned coordination and proprioception is going to be more challenged than someone with less weight to move in space.”

“But don’t let that discourage you.”

“Social media makes it tougher than ever to not have the “perfect body” these days. Every photo you post is being judged against the ideal that has been established by filters and carefully selected photos and the proper lighting. Don’t judge yourself against that. Judge yourself against the progress you made just by showing up to the gym consistently and putting in the hard work. Because I promise, if you put in the hard work and do so with consistency, you will see the results of your work in due time.”

“Shout out to the reddit community for being as supportive as they were in handling this young man. It makes me proud to be an internet “influencer”. With that said, I want to use the power of my community to keep the support coming. If you can spare the time, please leave a quick comment on the link above to leave your support. Since he will likely have this video shared with him, be sure to leave some love here too since is sure to see it.”

“Thank you for taking the time and for watching.”

Video – “I’m Fat…And I Need Help”

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