2 Must-Do Exercises For Bigger Pecs

Make sure you do them regularly.

If you want a fuller chest, these are the 2 must-do exercises for bigger pecs according to coach Alain Gonzalez.

Coach Alain Gonzalez is an author, personal trainer and YouTuber with over half a million subscribers. He often comes up with the exercise selection for specific muscle groups.

And it was no different in the video below where he talks about 2 must-do exercises for bigger pecs.

Before he talked about the exercises, he explains the anatomy of the pecs and the function of this muscle group. If you want to know more, check out the key to bigger pecs by clicking here.

Check out his video, or read down below his main arguments and the 2 must-do exercises for bigger pecs.

Must-Do Exercises For Bigger Pecs

1. Primary Push

One of the must-do exercises for bigger pecs must work exclusively on the pec’s primary function: horizontal adduction.

There are many exercises to choose from in this category, but the best one that activates your pecs as a whole is the barbell bench press.

How to Bench Press for Chest Growth

Must-Do Exercises For Bigger PecsSource: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

A study made in 2014 showed that chest size was tightly correlated with a one-rep max strength on the bench press. So big numbers on the bench press mean you will probably have and maintain bigger pecs.

If the barbell version of this exercise is a bit difficult for you, consider doing the dumbbell bench press variation, as it allows you more freedom of movement and shoulder adduction at the end of the rep.

2. Flys

“It is crucial to include exercises that stretch the pecs, training them in the full range of motion and allowing you to get a good mind-muscle connection,” coach Gonzalez says.

How to Use the Mind-Muscle Connection for Muscle Growth

Utilising a cable machine for flys is probably the best option, as it maintains tension throughout the entire movement, compared to the dumbbell flys.

Make sure you are activating your pecs two to four times per week and progressively overloading them either by adding more reps or sets as you get stronger.

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