How to Get Bigger Triceps (3 Mistakes to Avoid)

Pump up your arms.

Learn how to get bigger triceps with these top tips from Jeremy Ethier.

How to Get Bigger Triceps

“If you’re seeking to build big, impressive looking arms then there’s no doubt that you have to prioritize the triceps. This is especially true since they actually make up most of the size of your arms – meaning that big triceps should be your priority if you want big arms. But, in order to best grow the triceps, you need to pay close attention to how exactly you’re performing your tricep exercises and the approach you use to triceps training. Because even if you use the best tricep workouts and the best tricep exercises, you still need to pay attention to how you execute them for the best results.”

How to Get Bigger Triceps

“For example, during tricep pushdowns (or “rope extensions”), a lot of people mess this exercise up by letting other muscles takeover. Instead, you need to control the movement by locking your elbows at the side, sticking your chest out, retracting your shoulder blades, and maintaining this position throughout each rep. In addition, what you’ll see is people tend to stand too close to the cables with their body positioned completely upright. But with this setup, your range of motion is compromised and becomes limited since your hips get in the way at the bottom position. And, in addition, the tension of the triceps at the bottom becomes minimal due to the direction of the cable relative to the forearm.”

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“Thus leading to a sub-optimal contraction of the triceps, especially of the long head. So what you want to do instead, is take one or two small steps away from the cable, slightly hinge at the hips, and then perform the tricep pushdown with your elbows pinned to your side. Doing so will slightly increase the range of motion of the exercise and enable the triceps to reach their peak contraction at the bottom position.”

How to Get Bigger Triceps

“Similarly, with tricep overhead extensions or skullcrushers, rather than performing the movement with your arms straight overhead, you want to move your arms back slightly and lock your elbows there. Only then should you proceed with your reps as this will help maintain constant tension in the triceps.”

“And lastly, another mistake is focusing too much on isolation exercises for the triceps. Although they do help to add overall volume and stimulate more growth, the focus needs to be on prioritizing compound exercises since you’re able to overload them more effectively. Exercises like the close grip bench press, weighted dips, and barbell overhead press are all great options.”

“For a more detailed analysis of these mistakes and to learn what other tricep training mistakes you may be doing, give the video a watch! Enjoy!”

Video – How to Get Bigger Triceps

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