How to Train Back Width vs Thickness

Close vs wide grip, rows or pull-ups?

Do you want to know how to train back width vs thickness? You’ve reached the right place. Keep reading to understand how to do minor tricks to hit the right spot on your back.

If you consider yourself a more advanced gym lifter, you will want to know how to tweak your exercises to reach your specific goal. Sometimes you want a thicker back, or maybe just to make your back look wider. Either case, check out what Jeff Nippard has to say to help you out.

Jeff Nippard is a natural professional bodybuilder who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel. In the following video, Nippard wanted to know how to train back width vs thickness.

How to Train Back Width vs Thickness

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Although you are about to read different grip widths below on how to train back width vs thickness, you should have one rule above all else. “You should ultimately go with the grip that feels comfortable for you and that you can feel a mind-muscle connection with when appropriate and one that allows you to apply an overloading stimulus.”

For width:

  • On vertical pulls (pull-ups and pulldowns) use a 1.5x shoulder-width grip.
  • On rows, utilise a close grip to increase the degree of shoulder extension to target the lats.

For thickness:

  • Use a wide grip on row to allow transverse abduction and scapular retraction

For thickness, think about pulling your shoulders back and squeezing your shoulder blades together.

For both at the same time:

  • Include a free weight barbell row using a medium grip, pulling elbows back at a 45-degree angle

If something does not make sense from reading above on how to train back width vs thicksness, or you want more details on why choosing one over the other, check out Jeff Nippard’s video below.

VIDEO – How to Train Back Width vs Thickness

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