How To Train Your Biceps With Push-Ups

Improve your biceps with these variations.

Learn how to train your biceps with push-ups

Push-ups are one of the best bodyweight exercises that you can do for your upper body. As many people know, it targets your chest, shoulders, triceps and even your abs. The biceps, however, is active to a much smaller degree which makes traditional push-ups not ideal if you want to grow your biceps.

Does that mean you cannot get stronger biceps with push-ups? Of course not!

In a video, sports teacher and YouTube fitness guru Alex Lorenz talked about how to train your biceps with push-ups. He is the co-founder of Calisthenic Movement and has trained Calisthenics since 2012, uploading videos regularly for those people interested in getting in shape using only their body weight.

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How To Train Your Biceps With Push-Ups

When you are doing traditional push-ups, the biceps are used as a dynamic stabiliser. That means the muscle activates the elbow and the shoulder to help stabilise the joint and it counteracts the forces of the triceps. So the triceps do most of the work while the biceps keep the elbows stable.

So, how to train your biceps with push-ups? By doing a different variation of the normal push-up, of course. This is conveniently called the bicep push-up.

Change your hand placement and joints by rotating your wrist and forearm until your fingers are pointing backwards when you place your hands on the floor. You should also lean forward with your body, so to put more of your weight on top of your arms.

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If you place your wrist not below the shoulder, but further down, it will force your biceps to get to work even more. The further you are from the shoulder, the more you transform this movement into a bicep exercise.

Is this the sole answer on how to train your biceps with push-ups? No. Lorenz explains two more push-up variations that you can do to target your biceps more than traditional push-ups.

One of them is the ring push-up with the turnout at the end. This is a regular push-up done on rings, but at the top of the movement, bring the rings closer together and rotate them outwards. “The outward to inward movement will work on your chest, the arm extension will work on your triceps, and the turnout at the top will work your rotator cuff and also your biceps.”

Know that you can do a similar movement with ring dips, rotating the rings outwards in front of your body at the top of the movement will work on your biceps.

However, perhaps the best bodyweight push-up exercise that will target your biceps is the pelican push-up. That is how you understand how to train your biceps with push-ups. The problem is that it is incredibly difficult to do them for most people.

abs exercisesSource: Tobias Nii Kwatei Quartey on Unsplash

You will also need to use the rings for the pelican push-up. You can use resistance bands to help alleviate the bodyweight that your biceps will lift on each rep.

To learn how to do the pelican push-up, the ring push-up with turnout at the end, or the bicep push-up, click on the video below presented by Alex Lorenz. And that is how to train your biceps with push-ups.

VIDEO – How To Train Your Biceps With Push-Ups

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