Top 7 Most Powerful Icelandic Crossfit Women

Look at the photo above. Kristin Holte on the far right, fourth place, is the only non-Icelandic athlete.

2. Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Meridian Regional finish: 1st

Full name: Ragnheidur Sara Sigmundsdóttir
Age: 22
Height/weight: 171cm/69kg
Box: CrossFit Sudurnes, Reykjanesbaer

If there is an athlete to be feared of, it is Sara. From June 2014 on, Sara won every event she attended. Including East Coast Championship in the States and the Meridian CrossFit Regional in Denmark. So far Annie won every Regionals she participated at, with one exception: in 2015 Sara took the top podium place. This will be Sara’s rookie appearance at the CrossFit Games.

Interview: Sara Sigmundsdottir – a rising Crossfit star from Iceland

Video: 100 kg clean and jerk for 2 reps.

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