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Improve your Body and Mobility With These 5 Important Gymnastic Exercises

3. Hollow Body Hold

One of the most crucial techniques employed by gymnasts is the hollow body hold. This involves bracing your abdominal muscles and creating complete body tension. The more stable you are in this position, the better you’ll be transferring force from your upper to lower body. Mastering the hollow body hold will let you run, jump, kick, flip, and tumble faster and stronger. It also has the added benefits of gaining better balance and making you less prone to injuries.

How to do it

The hollow body hold is the foundation of any gymnastic workout regimen, and you should ensure that you are incorporating it into your routines as much as possible. Below is a basic outline of how to start doing the exercise:

Start by lying on your back with your legs together and arms over your head. Contract your ab muscles and lift your legs, head, and shoulders a few inches off the floor. Your body should be in a crescent shape from head to toe. At first it may be hard to hold this position for more than a few seconds.

Before moving on you should be able to be in this position comfortably for at least 30 seconds. Once you can hold the position begin to incorporate rocking back and forth while in the position. Start doing slow and small movements, and gradually increase the speed and intensity of your movement.

The key here is to keep your body as tight as possible by squeezing the targeted muscles, this will assure the most out of your workout. This simple exercise will do wonders for your core and help you when attempting more difficult techniques in the future.

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