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Kara Saunders Writes Post-Games Letter to her 20 Yr-Old Self

Dear 20 year old Kara,

“Just a heads up that you’re about to start this thing called CrossFit and it’s going to rock your world. You’re going to fall in love with it but face more challenges you could ever imagine. The cool thing is though, you’re going to overcome them. Through the struggle and heartache you will rise a better woman than you would have been otherwise. At some point in time you’ll think it’s about winning and you will cry when you don’t, but then it will become so clear that the process was what holds the most value to you. Work hard despite the outcome, build a good life with people to share this with and you will forever be content. There will be some amazing people by your side including the love of your life, so don’t ever for a moment forget to see how lucky you are. Soak it all up. 

P.s. your mum raised you to be that special kind of resilient so when times get hard just remember its temporary and that stubborn head will come through with a win in some capacity every single time. 

Love from your 28 year old 4th Fittest Woman in the world self. ?”



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