klokov power weekend
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4 Awesome Lifts from the Klokov Power Weekend

Ever seen a 200 kg thruster? Or a 164 kg strict press? Then you need to check out the action from The Klokov Power Weekend!

Once a year, the Klokov Power Weekend brings together some of the top Olympic weightlifters in the world to compete against each other.

This year, Dmitry Klokov pulled an all-nighter to make sure everything was ready before entering himself into the competition. Keep that in mind when you check out his lifts!

Dmitry Berestov won the Thruster competition with a 200 kg lift!

Dmitry Berestov 164kg Strict Press

Klokov 190kg Hang Snatch

Dmitry Klokov 160 kg Power Clean and Strict Press

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