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Training Tips from Louie Simmons to Improve your Bench Press

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Training tips from Louie Simmons to improve your bench press.

The bench press is a great exercise to grow the chest muscles and it’s popular in gyms across the world. “How much can you bench?” might just be the most popular question heard around strength training.

So, how can you increase your bench press numbers?

Louie Simmons, an American powerlifter, strength coach, inventor and author, offers his training tips to improve your bench press.

athlete tests grip for bench press

Training Tips from Louie Simmons to Improve your Bench Press

Louie Simmons shares his experience in increasing your bench press, answering questions as:

  • Is it necessary to switch grips?
  • Why do incline if increasing the flat bench is the goal?
  • How to use bands and chains the right way
  • How important is the standing press?

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Bench press variations

Performing bench press variations will not only add variety into your training but also allow you to try more max efforts and increase training volume.

Check out these bench press variations and try them out next time you bench:

Try the bench press with different grips as well: close, medium and wide. You can also add chains and bands to your training.

Working up to the heaviest weight possible as fast as you can means the volume is low, so adding two variations means you can increase the barbell volume a little.

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