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Dumbbell Bench Press Benefits, Mistakes to Avoid and Workouts

Pick up some dumbbells and start working on your bench press as this exercise has many benefits and will sure get your chest fired up.

Having a dumbbell at home is always helpful to build muscle any time of the day. There are countless exercises one can do with a single dumbbell. If you are looking to strengthen your chest, then one of the best movements you can do is the dumbbell bench press.

Unfortunately, the bench press is often overlooked in CrossFit training, but you are not like most people and want to incorporate the dumbbell bench press in your weekly routine.

So, how exactly do you do this exercise? What are the muscles targeted, what are the benefits, mistakes to avoid, and who should do it?

Continue reading to find out more. In the end, we threw in 3 workouts with dumbbell bench press to get you started.

How To Dumbbell Bench Press

Lie down horizontally with your back touching a bench and hold two dumbbells, one in each hand, at the level of your chest, just below the nipple line. Hold the dumbbell with palms facing your feet and arch your back by putting your chest out.

When doing dumbbell bench press, breath out when lifting the weights and breath in when lowering them back.

Benefits of Dumbbell Bench Press

The dumbbell bench press is a unilateral movement, which helps improve your form and correct muscle imbalances. In comparison, a barbell could make your work one side of your chest more than the other, but the DB press corrects that possible mistake.

Utilizing the dumbbell will also allow for a greater set of motion, compared to a barbell press. This, in turn, allows for a bigger muscle stretch and better contraction at the top of the movement.

The exercise also engage stabilizing muscles and as a result you will recruit and activate more muscle fibers.

Working with dumbbells allow for wrist rotation, and a free movement of elbows and arms, making the exercise less stressful on your joints.

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