Lucas Parker Explains What is Causing the Pec Injuries in Event 2 of CrossFit Regionals

“Some thoughts on the prevalence of pec tears/injuries in event 2 of crossfit regionals:

Most athletes train on rings hanging from a pullup bar, and set at a comfortable distance (slightly closer together, in order to “ride the straps”).

At regionals, the rings are hung from a greater height. They are also at a fixed width; much closer to a full “cubit” for most athletes, and likely further apart than most people train.

So, we have 2 factors that require athletes to stabilise in a better way.

Add to this the bicep and shoulder fatigue from Event 1, and it might be the case that most of the control of the rings via the humerus is now done by the pec.

My suggestion for athletes competing in the next two weekends is this: try practicing with the longest straps you can set up, and hang your rings further apart, so that your arms do not press into the straps when you dip.

You could just do static holds in the top position and the bottom position, in order to develop some last-minute control without fatiguing yourself too much.

Stay safe out there!” Lucas Parker.

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