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6x CF Games Athlete Margaux Alvarez is Fired After Publishing Email “Why I’m Not Competing in The Open”

A few days ago, 6x CrossFit Games® veteran and CFL3 instructor Margaux Alvarez published an email newsletter entitled “Why I’m Not Competing in The Open”. The email contained the following four points:

“In order for me be competitive I will have to travel to sea level and I just don’t have the time or interest in spending money on that.”

Alvarez currently lives in Las Vegas (over 2,000 feet above) sea level. 

“The owner of CF doesn’t really care about us competing in CF, so I will continue to spread the word of CF Methodology through seminars.”

This is the comment that seems to have caused the biggest uproar.

“American Ninja Warrior tryout is the same time as one of the OPEN workouts, and I’m very interested to compete in the ANW.”

Alvarez has often stated her interest in branching out into other disciplines.

“I am also competing in World Long Drive Golf competition in late March, and that leaves little interest to worry about this years leaderboard.”


Justin LoFranco, who released the story, spoke to Alvarez’s fiance and coach, who was willing to speak on the record:

“It is an unfortunate decision, one that probably could have been discussed for clarity as I have read Coach [Glassman] publicly state his concerns about the Games while laying off a lot of his staff,” Cardenas said. “Margaux in no way was trying to dissuade anyone from participating in the Open, and has always been a supporter of people’s goals but she should also have a right to communicate in her own personal email thread the reasons she was not competing in the Open this year.

Cardenas continued…

“While she is devastated she won’t be part of helping to broaden the scope and understanding of what CrossFit’s methodology is, she is also looking forward to her success as her wine company continues to grow,” 

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