The highly anticipated Metcon 3 has arrived! With its distinctive style and popular legacy, the latest Metcon model improves on the previous editions by adding new and updated features designed for performance and function.

Trusted by top athletes such at Matt Fraser and Sara Sigmundsdottir, The Nike Metcon 3 is designed for the demands of modern training, in their iconic signature style. The cross-training shoe’s light breathable construction, moulded flex grooves and embroidered TPU heel reinforcement make it uniquely adapted for explosive movements, rope climbs, wall balls and intensive lifting. With exclusive versions for men and women, this review will show you why it’s time to take your training to the next level.

Nike Metcon 3 Box Jumps and Double Unders
Push your performance


  • Flywire cables offer powerful lockdown
  • Mesh on the heel and ankle helps keep you cool
  • Forefoot flex grooves allow for natural movement
  • Heel clip reduces drag during wall exercises such as handstand push ups
  • Sticky rubber in the forefoot provides powerful traction
  • Textured rubber wraps up the midfoot for durability during rope exercises


One of the big questions everyone is asking is how does this Metcon compare to the popular previous models? How does it feel and perform?

Nike Metcon 3 Jumps
Lift, jump, run, cut and progress!

The designers of the Nike Metcon 3 have reviewed and reduced the amount of thermal wrap material in the upper, which gives the shoe a lighter feel that the Metcon 2 and much more of a snug fit. Another advantage is that this helps to reduce cuts and abrasions occurring in the material when the shoe is put through hard training in different weather conditions, both in and outside.

I found the new fit especially helpful for fast movements and quick lifting. There is more flexibility, which makes training more comfortable, yet without any loss of stability, which is often a common problem when shoes are designed to be more lightweight.

Nike Metcon Handstand
Function first


The TPU plastic heel has been lowered in order to create a better lock in for lifting. If you ever experienced any heel slippage with the Metcon 2, then this improvement provides an even more stable foundation for you to power your lifts from. The combination of a flat platform and a firm-rubber heel give you incredibly powerful stability, exactly what you need for explosive lifting.


The updated drop-in midsole is softer and more flexible in the forefoot, which is perfect for quick responsive movements for such as box jumps and bar facing burpees.

An abrasion-resistant film around the midfoot helps to reduce heat and friction during training, and gives the Nike Metcon 3 dependable traction that performs on the gym floor, the track, and training grounds far off the beaten path.

Nike Metcon 3 Kettlebells
Designed for the toughest workouts


With embroidered reinforcement in high-wear areas, the Metcon 3 is tough enough for intense training and light enough to help you stay fast on your feet.

The redesigned midsole is eye catching with its interlocking web like texture, whilst also providing strong grip and durability for rope climbs. Effective rope climbing technique is all in the legs, so the confidence I got from this increased lock in translated directly into my performance on the rope, especially when fatigued.

Nike Metcon 3 Rope Climbs
Grip and strength for rope climbs


The dynamic triangular lines and new textured wraps up the side of the midfoot add great style to the overall aesthetic. Nike have provided a selection of different colourways from the minimal and striking black, white and grey right through to the colourful version with an all almost old school gum coloured sole.

My personal favourite is the all black variation, which accentuates the sharp, clean lines of the trainer. This variation comes with the addition of a swoosh that is luminous in the dark, making it safer for running at night or in the early morning.

If there is one thing that Nike do well, it is creating iconic shoes. The Metcon is no exception to that rule. The Nike Metcon 3 not only looks striking, but it performs when it matters. With these cross-training shoes, form follows function, and the aesthetics, materials and features converge into a meaningful update of an already excellent shoe.



Nike Metcon 3 Box Jumps and Double Unders © Nike

Nike Metcon 3 Jumps © Nike

Nike Metcon Handstand © Nike

Nike Metcon 3 Kettlebells © Nike

Nike Metcon 3 Rope Climbs © Nike


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