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16 Plank Variations to Improve Your Bodyweight Training

Take this straightforward exercise and spice it up.

Try these effective plank variations to improve your bodyweight training.

Building core stability and strength is essential to lead a healthy and functional life as the midline is involved in almost every compound exercise both inside and outside the gym.

“Core strength is the basis for all coordinated and powerful athletic movements. A strong core can reduce stress on the joints and allow you to achieve better posture, as well as significantly improving all round performance,” writes BOXROX Editor Robbie Wild Hudson.

How to do a plank?

  1. Knee on the floor and walk your arms forward until your wrists are under your shoulders.
  2. Go onto your elbows, placing them directly under your shoulders.
  3. Engaging your core, extend your legs so the only points of contact with the floor are the tops of your feet and your forearms and hands.
  4. Your elbows should be placed directly under your shoulders and your body should form a straight line, from the top of your head all the way down to your heels.
  5. Make sure your lower back isn’t rounded or your butt is too high.
  6. Hold the position for around 30 seconds, keeping your glutes and abs tight throughout.

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16 Plank Variations to Improve Your Bodyweight Training

  1. Low Plank
  2. High Plank
  3. Single Arm Low Plank
  4. Single Arm High Plank
  5. Buzzsaw Plank
  6. Pike Plank
  7. Plank Salsa
  8. Plank Jacks
  9. Extended Plank
  10. Helicopter Plank
  11. Side Plank – Elbow
  12. Side Plank – Hip Drop
  13. High Low Plank
  14. Side Plank Knee Tuck
  15. Side Plank – Hand
  16. Starfish

Based on your level of fitness, perform each plank for 30-45 seconds for 3 sets.

Watch these plank variations being performed:

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