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6 Exercises for Bulletproof Shoulders

Keep them safe.

Your upper body movement relies a lot on the mobility of your shoulders. Check out these 6 exercises for bulletproof shoulders.

The shoulders are a different muscle group since they can move side to side, up and down, and rotate internally and externally. Weak shoulders will make virtually every upper body exercise harder and could leave you prone to injury. Not to mention that strong shoulders are aesthetically desired by many people.

The list of exercises for bulletproof shoulders was shared by Mark Bell and created by Ben Patrick.

Mark Bell is a world-famous powerlifter with impressive numbers such as an 845lb bench press and a 766lb deadlift. Ben Patrick is often on Mark Bell’s YouTube channel and has recently become famous as the Knees Over Toes Guy.

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These next 6 exercises for bulletproof shoulders can be done by anyone. All you need is either a dumbbell or a cable machine.

6 Exercises for Bulletproof Shoulders

1. Dumbbell External Rotation

Use a dumbbell that is roughly 10% of your body weight for this exercise. Do 10 reps on each shoulder.

2. Cable External Rotation

According to Patrick, the cable machine is relatively easier compared to the dumbbell when it comes to lifting heavier weight.]

Because of this, you want to set the machine to roughly 15% of your body weight. Do reps for failure or just hold the cable at the top position to maintain tension on your rotator cuffs.

3. Dumbbells Back Extension

Use 8% of your body weight for your dumbbells.

4. Dumbbell Shoulder Stretch / Pullover

Using a dumbbell and a bench you can stretch your shoulders properly by doing the opposite movement of the previous exercise.

5. Cable Facepull

Try to get your hands behind your own shoulders. According to Ben Patrick, half of your body weight on the cable machine is a good workout.

Face-Pulls Exercises for Bulletproof ShouldersSource: Photos Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

6. Incline Dumbbell Press Variation

Use 33% of your body weight on each dumbbell. “As I go down, I’m angling them so now I can go full range of motion there,” Patrick says while demonstrating the exercise.

Check out the video below to understand exactly how to perform each exercise.

Exercises for Bulletproof Shoulders

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