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Regionals 1st Weekend Recap: Bailey Out. Khan is a legend!


Australia + Asia
Wollongong, Australia

The Pacific region which covers New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands had 28,000 people compete in the online qualifier, but only 260 men and women have made it to the top.

The Pacific Regionals were settled by the two Games veterans Kara Webb and Rob Forte. Kara set such a current record for Event 1, no women even came within 1 minute of her result! While Rob won event 4 and 6, it was the 3rd placed Khan Porter who delivered the most astonishing performance.

Next to the veterans, this Year´s Pacific Regionals qualifiers were made up of new kids on the block. 50 percent of the qualified individuals are rookies.


Starting CrossFit in 2009, the 25year old from CrossFit Lower Mountains in Penrith, New South Wales, she has taken part in every Pacific Regional since.

This year she obtains her Games Ticket with six Top 10 results, even reaching 2nd in Events 2 and 5 which pushed her to the 4th place overall on the Leaderboard.


The 19year old from CrossFit Newcastle definitively earned some respect this Weekend. Coming from a track-and-field background no one had her on the plan until she smashed unbroken Deadlifts in Event 5 which brought her into the Top 10. She convinced even the last doubters with her rope climbs in the final event, which took her to 5th place overall.

Athletes that Qualified


  1. Kara Webb
  2. Tia-Clair Toomey
  3. Alethea Boon
  4. Justine Beath
  5. Madeline Sturt


  1. Rob Forte
  2. James Newbury
  3. Khan Porter
  4. Zeke Grove
  5. Mitchell Sinnamon


  1. Zaks Pack East Tamaki
  2. Schwartzs CrossFit Melbourne
  3. CrossFit Athletic
  4. CrossFit Torian
  5. CrossFit Loaded


LatAm + South Central + South West
Dallas, Texas

Athletes that Qualified


  1. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
  2. Whitney Cappellucci
  3. Alexis Johnson
  4. Tennil Reed
  5. Candice Wagner


  1. Roy Gamboa
  2. Travis Williams
  3. Logan Collins
  4. Sean Sweeney
  5. Joseph Guesnier


  1. TeamDensity
  2. Rockwell CrossFit
  3. CrossFit Omnia
  4. Pillar CrossFit
  5. Backcountry Black

Featured image © CrossFit Games

Rasmus Wisbech Andersen © CrossFit Games

Christian Lucero Video © Christian Lucero

Pacific Regional Coverage © CrossFit Games

Madeline Sturt Instagram © Madeline Sturt

Roy Gamboa Instagram © Roy Gamboa


Image Sources

  • bailey-fisher: Bailey / Fisher

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