Strategy in CrossFit: A Full Guide on Pacing, Knowing When to Push and What to Look Out for in Each Workout

In May 2016, Thuri Helgadottir became the first woman to finish Regionals Nate. A total of 229 women before her had tried to complete the 10 rounds of four strict muscle ups, seven strict handstand push ups and 12 one-handed kettlebell snatches without success.

Yet Helgadottir turned an astounding time of 18:54:38 at the Meridian Regional, a feat never achieved before. At the end of the season, out of all the women who participated at the 2016 Regionals, only Thuri Helgadottir and Kari Pearce finished that workout.

Later in the year, she revealed it was only possible because of strategy.

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