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Excellent Strength Building Banded Exercises for CrossFit Athletes

Resistance bands might not look like much, but these incredibly versatile tools can be unparalleled when building strength.

This small piece of equipment is not only useful for muscle activation before a workout but can also be added into your main workout.

They can help you activate a whole load of muscle tissue while performing your usual CrossFit exercises. Have a look at the following banded exercises for CrossFit to increase strength.


Bands can help you discover muscles you didn’t know you have.


This is an excellent movement for perfecting your hollow position and building towards longer static holds.

Place a resistance band around your feet (while keeping them together) and pull the band over your head using both hands (keeping them just over shoulder width apart) while you lift your body into a hollow position.

Try to maintain the hold for as long as possible. A good time to aim for is 60 seconds, to then build up to 90 and so forth. When you’re confident with the resistance, try to perform some hollow rocks.

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