CrossFit Women

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Let the Gains Begin: 5 Rules for CrossFit Women to Build Muscle

Many women have the same problems when it comes to building muscle, so did I. It's unbelievable how hard it can be to visually alter your body and gain a muscular mass.

This New Book Presents the Powerful Account of Female Strength Throughout History

While a great part of the CrossFit community celebrates strong women, society at large still has reservations when it comes to accepting muscle and strength as properties that belong both in men and women.

Top Training and Recovery Tips from CrossFit Games Athlete Amanda Barnhart

Learn from one of the strongest women in the CrossFit scene.

Let’s Celebrate Strong Women, Because Strong is Beautiful

It’s time to ditch the stereotype that muscles are only for men.

As Many Countries As Possible – This Woman Has Worked Out in 50 So Far

Dr. Davina Durgana has experienced first-hand what it really means to be part of CrossFit’s global community.

CrossFit Games Athlete Interview: Kristin Holte

Legend has it that Kristin Holte once did three rounds of Murph, and now, the 29-year-old from Norway is heading back to the CrossFit Games for the second time, after finishing 16th in 2014 and winning the Triple Three event.
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