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The Hardest (and Craziest) Fitness Challenges In The World

Pull-up challenge, brick push-up challenge, Thor hammer challenge, you name it, there is a nearly impossible fitness challenge.

CrossFit is about community, but it is also about challenging and competing. Sometimes competing with yourself, sometimes with people around the world. If you think you are fit, think again, because some out-of-this-world challenges in the internet will test your body in ways you did not think were imaginable.

Remember the planking challenge back in 2011 where people would plank in the most absurd places possible? Well, this list has none of that.

Some of these challenges might seem easy, but you would be fooled. One or two might be a great test to see how far you can go, and anybody can try it.

If you prefer to just laugh about CrossFit instead of working your muscles on one of these challenges, BOXROX has selected a few videos on Tik Tok that reminds us how funny (and sometimes ridiculous) the sport can be. Check out 9 CrossTok (yes, that is a thing) videos here.

Disclaimer: some of these fitness challenges can cause injury if performed incorrectly. The people who performed these challenges are considered to be elite athletes and in the peak of their performance. If you try any of these challenges, be careful with your body and your surroundings.

Without further ado, here are some of the hardest fitness challenges in the world.

Athlean-X Pull-Up Challenge

This challenge is doable to anybody’s fitness level, as long as you can do pull-ups. It is all about how many sets it takes for you to reach a specific number of reps.

Seated Thor Hammer Challenge

Seat on the floor and lift a barbell. How difficult can it be? Depends on where you grip the barbell and this challenge makes use of all muscles in your arms and shoulders.

Shirt On Handstand

If Spiderman can do it, so can you? The actor Tom Holland took it to YouTube to try putting on a shirt while doing a handstand. I am not so sure we would count it as done, since the shirt did not even cover his nipples before he got out of the handstand.

Hanging Plate Transfer

A pull-up bar and a lightweight plate. This challenge is as much about strength as it is about coordination.

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