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Toomey and Vellner Dominate the Rogue Invitational

The second edition of the Rogue Invitational, while fundamentally different to the first, was an equal success.

Rogue was able to run the competition entirely online, with participating athletes in over 30 locations all around the world.

Athletes were filmed from their chosen location and Rogue put together a comprehensive live broadcast from each individual stream. It was the first competition in over three months and, given the circumstances, ran incredibly smoothly and was great fun to watch.

With athletes competing at the same time around the world, they had no idea where their fellow competitors were during the workouts. For competitors, there were no spectator crowds, no fancy stadium floor and no athletes around to pace against. This meant maximum efforts were seen on every event.

“The @rogueinvitational was something else, the first workout was so weird in the silence but it got better right away in the second workout,” said Thuri Helgadottir of the event.

Tia Toomey and Pat Vellner won the Rogue Invitational in a dominating fashion. They were both awarded $50,000 for the feat, plus $5,000 for every event win (three and two respectively).

Rogue offers one of the biggest prize purses of the CrossFit competitive season, with a total prize purse of over $375,000.


Mat Fraser and Kari Pearce both withdrew from competition due to injury.

Competition highlight: watching Tia Toomey effortlessly clean and jerk 270lb after having already won Event 4, a clean and jerk liftoff.

The whole event was incredibly exciting to spectate, especially on the female side.


After 14 rounds of weight increases, during which the women started to slowly drop off, the competition came down to Laura Horvath and Tia Toomey. Horvath missed her lift at 265lb and Tia was successful, winning so the event.

However, it seemed like she wasn’t sure whether she’d have to lift again or not.

Just to be sure, she upped the weight to 270lb (heavier than her winning lift during the CrossFit Games Clean Ladder) and seemed to effortlessly lift the barbell, making a dominant statement.


Worth noting: Australian athlete Kara Saunders was competing from her home gym, which meant she tackled the Rogue Invitational events between midnight and 7am local time.



  1. Tia Toomey (630)
  2. Sara Sigmundsdóttir (555)
  3. Kara Saunders (540)
  4. Jamie Simmonds (525)
  5. Laura Horvath (510)


Sam Briggs had a stellar performance during Event 2, recording 211 power snatches in the last person standing power snatch event.

“In her mind, she’s still surrounded by 10 athletes who are still to put the barbell down,” was noted during the live feed as she continued to push herself alone.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir, who finished second, completed 175 reps in the event.


Outside of Toomey’s dominance, the female competition was incredibly close for the top six ladies throughout the weekend. Only a handful of points separated third and fourth place, as well as fifth and sixth place, going into the final event.



  1. Patrick Vellner (630)
  2. Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson (555)
  3. Noah Ohlsen (555)
  4. Chandler Smith (530)
  5. Saxon Panchik (480)

Highlight from the weekend was the speed in which Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson tackled Event 5, finishing a whole minute (13:55.28) ahead of second place, Pat Vellner (14:55.28).


Pat Vellner, who last year finished second behind Mat Fraser, ran away with the title this year.

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Rogue Invitational: Toomey And Vellner Lead After Day One


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