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Top 10 Most Memorable CrossFit Games Moments According to the Community

CrossFit has provided countless memorable moments throughout its history, but what are the top 10 CrossFit Games moments? It might seem difficult to reply, so better ask the backbone of the sport: its community.

The CrossFit community has voted and decided which are the best moments in CrossFit Games history. Ever.

From 2019 clean’s event where Tia-Clair Tommey and Mat Fraser, to the incredible endurance of Josh Bridges setting the all-time record for Murph in 2016, these are the CrossFit Games moments that you have decided are what represents the best of the sport we love.

10. Stacie Tovar, CrossFit icon, retires after her last ever event at the 2017 CrossFit Games.

9. Tia-Clair Toomey and Amanda Barnhart’s head-to-head battle in the clean event in 2019.

8 . In 2014, Josh Bridges won the push pull event against Rich Froning by mere seconds.

7. In 2019 Kari Peace set a record for the most reps ever recorded for Mary. A total of 695 reps.

6 . In the 21-15-9 complex, during the 2014 CrossFit Games, veteran Neal Maddox helped rookie Jonne Koski by lending him a glove to finish the complex. Koski was bleeding on his right hand and was only able to finish the complex after utilizing the glove.

5 . During the sprint course in 2015, Dan Bailey kept his form while running as fast as he could, losing his shades on the way, catching mid-air.

4 . 2019 was incredible because another iconic event took place that year. Mat Fraser managed to lift 380 pounds in the clean event easily, brushing off Scott Panchik and taking first place at the event setting the path to winning that year’s CrossFit Games.

3 . In 2017, Tia-Clair Toomey and Kara Saunders finished the last event, the one who would decide the Fittest Woman on Earth, at practically the same time. The Fibonacci Final was only decided 5 minutes after the end when Dave Castro announced that Tia had won.

2 . A funny moment occurred in the 2016 suicide sprint event in which Mat Fraser won against Ben Smith at the last moment. The incredible feat was a cameraman, running alongside the athletes with his apparatus, in order to catch the head-to-head moment.

  1. Former Navy Seal Josh Bridges was voted the most iconic moment ever of the CrossFit Games. His all-time record for Murph at the 2016 CrossFit Games was 34 minutes and 38.83 seconds.

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