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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid If You Are New to CrossFit

Use these five tips for beginners next time you go to a CrossFit Box.

There are always lessons to learn and mistakes to avoid if you’re new to CrossFit or only starting out.

Rodrigo Garcia, a YouTube vlogger with over 100,000 views who offers workouts, tips, and motivation on the platform, had been doing CrossFit for six months by the time he decided to release a video for those new to CrossFit.

In it, he goes over the five biggest mistakes to avoid as a CrossFit beginner and gives some tips for people in their first season.

Top 5 Mistakes CrossFit Beginners Should Avoid

1. Don’t Skip Workouts You Don’t Like

Make a schedule and get in the gym every day you had planned to. There will always be workouts you’re not that great at, but that doesn’t mean you should skip them.

If you’re thinking of skipping a session because you hate the movements and exercises in a workout, you won’t improve and will continue to hate them. Practicing and doing movements that aren’t in your wheelhouse more will help you get better not only for the specific exercises but also CrossFit in general.

crossfit beginner mistakesSource: Stevie D Photography

2. Be Coachable

Accept that there are aspects of fitness you don’t know about. The people coaching you are trained professionals, so don’t be a “know it all.”

Listen to what the coach says and trust the process.

CrossFit training is different to other group classes or bodybuilding culture, so trust the programming and implement what the coaches tell you.

crossfit coach by rowerSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

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