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Top Transformations – Lauren Fisher Before She Started CrossFit!


Lauren originally started CrossFit to improve her fitness for basketball, and is also an accomplished weightlifter. She won the 2014 USA Weightlifting Junior National Championship in the 63-kg class with a 70-kg. snatch (154.3 lb.) and a 102-kg clean and jerk (224.8 lb.), for a total of 177 kilos (390.2 lb.)

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“Before: 15 Years Old 110lbs. After: 19 Years Old 135lbs. This was before I really started getting competitive in Crossfit and only went to class three times a week only for one hour! My main focus was sports like basketball and tennis. I wouldn’t be able to lift as much as I do now or compete versus all the top level CrossFit athletes if I didn’t put on the muscle. I don’t worry about my weight. The only time I step on the scale is to make sure I’m gaining and not losing any! This works for me and I am happy with being strong and fit! P.S. I think my 3RM Back Squat back then was only 145lbs…”



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Body image is such an important topic that is often swept under the carpet. This week we are highlighting some of the best stories that showcase the realities behind the lies. One of our favourite retorts last year came from Lauren Fisher after she was asked the following question on instagram:

“How come you exercise so hard and don’t have a flat belly?!”

She responded…

“I shared my answer to this on my story but it was too important to not post about it as well. ? It got me a little fired up and I feel like it’s a topic that needs to be talked about more. ?”

“I don’t have a flat belly because I believe in fueling my body for performance over restricting my calories to look a certain way. Yeah if I starved myself or cut down my fats and still trained as much as I do I might finally get that 8 pack but reality is my body type won’t. I like to eat and I know when I don’t eat enough I just don’t feel good during training. And a lot of it also comes down to genetics. So I’m sorry but I will never be one of the girls with no belly fat at all and I’m okay with it. I’m not an Instagram model, I’m an athlete and what we do is completely different here so if you don’t like the way I look you can unfollow. ☺️ Thank you!”

“PS. This is me no makeup, hair not done, just got done with training. I eat around 3000 calories a day and I feel HAPPY and HEALTHY in my body. Yeah some of my pictures on Instagram don’t look attractive or my muscles might be bulging because usually a photographer comes in the middle of my training session. I’m not posing for the camera or starving myself before so my abs will pop through. I’m trying to be the best me and if I get a cool picture in action I’m going to share it. ✌️BE REAL, BE TRUE, BE YOU. ❤️ That is all. Thank you to everyone who shared or wrote me a kind message after I posted my story. Love you all.”




This is a great example of one of the most important principles of CrossFit in action, that performance comes first. In the words of Camille Leblanc Bazinet, “bodies should be defined by what they can do, not by how they look.”

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