Try The Hardest 6-Minute Triceps Workout Now

This workout is brutal.

If this isn’t the hardest 6-minute triceps workout you’ve ever tried we want to know how you’re training!

In just 6 minutes, this workout will have your triceps talking to you the next day.

Workout by Jeff Cavaliere, pro athlete and physical therapist.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 dumbbells (lighter than what you’d usually train with)
  • 2 more dumbbells (double the weight of the above dumbbells)
  • Incline bench
Tricep Dips WODs skull crushersSource: John Fornand on Unsplash

Hardest 6-minute triceps workout

You’ll do two rounds of:

1Incline Dumbbell Extensions – Top Range of Motion7 reps  
 Incline Dumbbell Extensions – Lower Range of Motion7 reps
 Incline Dumbbell Extensions – Full RepsAs many as possible for the rest of the minute
2Tricep KickbacksAs many reps as possible
3Press and Eccentric French Press Drop on flat benchAs many reps as possible

Make sure you focus on the eccentric contraction with the incline dumbbell extensions, especially when you’re working on the full reps. These should take about 6 seconds to complete, with the dumbbells coming down for 3 seconds and coming up in the same amount of time.

When you move on to the tricep kickbacks, try to hold the dumbbells at the top of the exercise for a second. Because you’re trying to achieve as many reps as possible in a minute, if you’re not able to do this, try to hold the dumbbells in that top contraction position until the minute runs out.

Focus primarily on the eccentric part of the movement during the French Press Drop in minute 3. Your chest will help you bring the weight up as you press, but the work is being done by the triceps on the way down.

Try to get as many reps in as possible in each section of this triceps workout. Repeat for two rounds to achieve six minutes of work in total.

Use the light pair of dumbbells for the first two minutes and change to the heavy ones for the third.

Watch the hardest 6-minute triceps workout

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