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Weight Loss – 8 Actionable Tips to Help You Transform Your Body

Weight loss is a relatively straightforward process, but that doesn’t make it easy.  Add to the fact that there is so much contradicting information out there and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for confusion and frustration.

The fact is, there are a few basics you need to apply consistently to lose weight effectively. Here, we take a look at eight actionable ways to get to your goal and achieve results.

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1. Bet on whole, nutritious foods

Processed foods are not inherently ‘bad’ or ‘fattening,’ but they are also not great for us either. They don’t provide our bodies with much-needed nutrients like slow-digesting carbs, healthy fats, high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

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Because of that, it’s important to base the majority of your food choices on whole and minimally-processed foods:

  • Unprocessed meats and grains
  • Eggs and dairy
  • Fresh potatoes
  • Fatty fish and seafood in general
  • Beans and other legumes
  • Healthy oils – most notably olive, macadamia, coconut, and avocado oils
  • Bread

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2. Do treat yourself sometimes

We’ve all got our guilty pleasures. No matter what your current goals are, it’s important to allow yourself some treats here and there. Of course, moderation is key.  A cookie here and there won’t break your diet, and it will give you something much more important: overall satisfaction and the feeling of freedom that you can still enjoy your favourite foods in moderation and get your desired result.

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