NEW Sanctioned Event – West Coast CrossFit Classic Announced

West Coast CrossFit Classic

Loud and Live Sports today announced the launch of the West Coast CrossFit Classic, the most recent event to join the roster of competitions santioned by CrossFit Inc. to qualify athletes to the CrossFit Games. The inaugural West Coast CrossFit Classic will take place in March 2020 in Del Mar, California, and will qualify athletes for the 2020 CrossFit Games. This announcement marks the second partnership between CrossFit Inc. and Loud and Live Sports, which also owns the recently sanctioned Wodapalooza Miami CrossFit Festival.

The southern California fitness festival will feature local talent as well as the world’s top athletes. The West Coast Classic is not only a fitness event, but also a celebration of the CrossFit community’s unique commitment to health and fitness.

“We look forward to continuing the tradition CrossFit has created within the birthplace of CrossFit, through the newest addition to the season” said President of Loud and Live Sports, Matt O’Keefe. “Through these partnerships, Loud and Live is committed to supporting CrossFit as a training methodology and sport, and more generally, supporting our shared global commitment to health, wellness, and fitness.”

Attendees of the West Coast Classic can expect a combination of laid-back vibes and elite-level competition for a nostalgic weekend experience in Del Mar. Those attending will have the opportunity to compete in a newly-sanctioned event and to experience and take part in a broad range of fun and exciting festival activities. 

The top male and female individual competitors, as well as the top four-person team, will earn spots to the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, as well as a cash prize purse for top-finishing athletes.  


These are the dates so far for all the CrossFit sanctioned events. This is what the season will look like next year. 


December (12 – 15) Dubai CrossFit Championship (Dubai, UAE)



The Australian CrossFit Championship (Queensland, Australia)

January 17 – 20, Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival (Miami, FL)

January 31 -February 2, Fittest in Cape Town (Cape Town, South Africa)


CrossFit Strength in Depth (London, England)


The CrossFit Open (to qualify for the 2018 CrossFit Games)


 Asia CrossFit Championship (China)

Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge (Baltimore/Washington, D.C.)

April 26 -28, CrossFit Italian Showdown (Milan, Italy) 


May 18th – 19, Rogue Invitational (Columbus, Ohio)

Reykjavik CrossFit Championship (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Brazil CrossFit Championship (São Paulo, Brazil)

CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown (Netherlands)

May 17 – 19, Down Under CrossFit Championship (Wollongong, Australia)


CrossFit Granite Games (Location TBD)

 CrossFit French Throwdown (Paris, France)


The CrossFit Games (Madison, WI)


Pandaland CrossFit Championship (Chengdu, China)



CrossFit West Coast Classic (Del Mar, California)

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