What are the Best Protein Sources to Build Muscle?

Upgrade your recovery and results.

So, what are the best protein sources to build muscle? Jeremy Ethier explains…

Best Protein Sources to Build Muscle

We all know that protein plays a major role in muscle growth. Failing to get enough protein means that your muscles won’t recover and grow to the best of their ability. However, getting enough protein shouldn’t be your only priority.

It’s vital that you also take into account the PROTEIN sources that you’re getting your protein from, as you want to ensure they’re high quality protein sources. Because as you’ll see in this video, choosing good sources of protein and the best protein foods to build muscle can help you build muscle faster!

Build muscle with protein rich foodsSource: Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Best Protein Sources to Build Muscle

Now, to start, it’s important to realize that there’s two main types of protein sources; animal based protein foods and plant-based protein sources (food sources for vegans for example). Research has indicated that animal-based protein sources are superior to vegan protein sources due to their higher digestibility and leucine content.

And within the animal based protein sources, whey protein powder comes out on top.

However, rather than exclusively relying on protein powder, it’s important that you also incorporate natural protein foods and lean protein foods since the micronutrients found within them play several key roles in improving your performance and may even augment the protein synthesis response.

Examples of protein foods of the best protein sources based on this are extra lean meat, fatty fish, and eggs. Casein-rich foods like greek yogurt and cottage cheese are also excellent options but may be better eaten before bed due to their slower digesting properties.

Best Protein Sources to Build Muscle

As for protein rich food for vegetarians, this is where you’ll have to be more careful. Vegans can definitely build muscle as fast as non-vegans by choosing the best vegan protein sources to maximize protein synthesis.

And the best protein foods to do so are lentils, chickpeas, beans, tofu, tempeh, and high protein vegetables. But it’s important that you have a greater amount of plant-based protein per meal and/or mix different sources in order to maximize the protein synthesis response since these plant-based sources don’t stimulate protein synthesis as well as animal-based sources do.

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