19 Foods That Help You Burn Fat Faster

Lose weight regardless by eating these foods.

Losing weight is a long and arduous process for many people. But you can take a direct path to your goals if you incorporate these 19 foods that help you burn fat faster into your diet.

Unfortunately, the foods that make people salivate the most are, usually, the ones that are not healthy for our bodies. Some foods are highly caloric, but at the same time take up not a lot of space in the stomach, which will leave you hungry even though you might have just consumed 3,000 calories.

However, the opposite can be true as well. Some foods can get your stomach very full while adding a minimal amount of calories to your eating habit, which will aid you in losing weight. Check out these 19 foods that help you burn fat faster shared by Max Posternak.

Max Posternak is the founder of Gravity Transformation, a website focused on giving tips and training guidance for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. His YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers.

19 Foods That Help You Burn Fat Faster

1. Black Bean and Mung Bean Pasta

These are significantly lower in carbs and higher in protein than regular pasta. This will make you feel fuller for longer compared to traditional pasta, besides being healthier too.

2. Chicken Breast

Foods That Help You Burn Fat FasterSource: Karyna Panchenko on Unsplash

Even if you don’t have time to cook it yourself, chances are that if you buy the pre-packaged ready-made chicken breast with some kind of sauce is still lower in calories and higher in protein than other foods.

3. Frozen Vegetables

Buy them mixed, cut, or anything that rocks your boat. Just toss them in the pan, put some seasoning and low calories sauce, and you can make amazing stir fry in under 10 minutes.

4. Frozen Mixed Berries

Another frozen option in our foods that help you burn fat faster. You can eat them as they defrost as it will make you feel like you’re eating more than you actually are.

5. Soups

Soup is very filling and it helps you consume more water which will, on its own, help you reduce your appetite. Just make sure you stay away from the high-fat creamy soups – instead, choose a soup full of vegetables and have a source of protein to go with it.

6. Zero Calories Beverages

Is diet soda bad for youSource: Breakingpic on Pexels

Diet sodas, teas, lemonades. These can all help you in your weight loss process as they will lower your sugar intake if you consume fizzy drinks regularly.

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7. Eggs

One large egg will have about 80 calories, 5 grams of fat and 6 grams of protein. Having eggs for breakfast can help you save calories for the rest of the day because they are very filling.

8. Tuna

Even canned tuna is good for you while also being tasty and full of protein. Just check how many calories they have as the flavoured ones can be a bit high on it.

9. Oats

A good source of carbs that is also full of proteins. Oats are full of vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants.

A Healthy Dry Oat meal in a wooden spoon

10. Potatoes

One of the most filling starchy carbohydrates and foods in general. Make them boiled to get the most satiate feeling.

11. Fish

Some fishes are higher in fat than others and, usually, wild-caught fishes have a higher concentration of omega-3 and protein. The best options, according to Pasternak, are wild-caught salmon, Mahi Mahi, catfish, whitening fish and flounder as they are low in calories and high in protein.

12. Shrimp

They taste great and even the pre-packaged and peeled frozen option is helpful to burn fat faster.

13. Popcorn

One of the best crunchy snacks available if you want to burn calories. Popcorn is low in calories and high in fibre, a dynamite combination for fat loss. Just don’t add butter, otherwise the calories shoot right up.

14. Zero Sugar Beef Jerky

If you choose the zero-sugar option of beef jerky, you have chosen it well. One serving has 13 grams of protein, 2 of fat and 0g of carbs. This is one of the best on the list of foods that help you burn fat faster because of the protein-to-fat ratio that it provides.

15. Beef

Not all beef is great to lose weight, though as it depends on the amount of fat each cut has. Posternak says that it is better to choose the top round and bottom round are less expensive and lower in calories than other cuts.

16. 93% Lean Ground Chicken or Turkey

These can be used to make patties, meatballs, stir fry and other tasty options. Just add the right seasoning and you’re good to go.

17. Salad

Best meal plan to lose fat fasterSource: Louis Hansel on Unsplash

An expert tip to lose weight faster is to eat a salad before your main course. The salad will fill your stomach adding a few calories, forcing you to eat less when it comes to the main meal. And this is how you trick your body into consuming less calories even when it’s hungry.

18. Icelandic Yoghurt

Or any other type of yoghurt that is high in protein. You may also choose Greek yoghurt, but they don’t go as high as Icelandic yoghurt when it comes to protein.

19. Cottage Cheese

Avoid buying cottage cheese with fruit already mixed in, as they have added sugar.

And that were the 19 foods that help you burn fat faster according to Max Posternak. Check out more of his arguments for each of the ingredients here listed in the video below.

VIDEO – 19 Foods That Help You Burn Fat Faster

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