Where Is Hunter McIntyre Now?

After stirring up the CrossFit community in 2019 by accepting a wildcard invitation to the Games, the multiple OCR World Champion and HYROX world record holder went off grid in the CrossFit world.

Hunter McIntyre was undoubtedly the most controversial figure in CrossFit in the 2019 season. Which says a lot, given that the same year the CrossFit Games changed their format, invited over 100 National Champions to compete, and re-introduced cuts to the competitive field. What caused this controversy was his accepting the first ever wildcard invitation to the CrossFit Games, allowing him to compete against the best athletes in the world without going through the traditional qualifying process. The wildcard was meant as a way to test top athletes from other sports against the “Fittest on Earth” and whether or not Hunter really got a chance to test his fitness that year will always be contended, as his competition finished after two events. Hunter strongly hinted at the fact he’d be back and back stronger, but circumstance would ultimately pull him away from the Games. Now, “The Sheriff” has got even heftier goals on the horizon.

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