Worst Diet Mistakes For Losing Fat

5 things you must avoid at all costs.

Losing weight. That is the goal of many of us and the go-to idea is to try a diet, but make sure you are doing everything correctly. These are the 5 worst diet mistakes for losing fat.

When someone begins a diet, most commonly that person wants to lose weight. Whatever diet you choose, chances are you will restrict yourself from eating one thing and favour eating something else more.

Although each diet is designed differently, there are some mistakes that some people are doing and this is what Jeff Nippard decided to talk about.

Jeff Nippard is a natural professional bodybuilder who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel. In the following video, Nippard wanted to share the worst diet mistakes for losing fat.

Before diving into the worst diet mistakes for losing fat, Jeff Nippard wants to applaud people who are committed to make their best to improve their body composition while going on a diet.

Worst Diet Mistakes For Losing Fat

Worst Diet Mistakes For Losing Fat

1. Focusing too much on little details

There is so much information on nutrition available online, “people tend to focus on the minor details which is actually not moving the needle much when it comes to losing fat,” Nippard says.

One example is people changing from conventional food to organic food of the same type. An analysis of 223 studies on that found no evidence that organic food is more nutritious. Although organic food is healthier, it should not be picked over conventional food if you are looking to lose fat.

2. Thinking in “good or bad” terms

This is common in the media when you see how there is a new superfood on the market, or that fats are bad, and later fats are good, but carbs are bad.

When choosing a diet, it is easier to choose one that is inclusive, and not exclusive. One that focuses on foods to prioritise instead of completely excluding a certain type of food.

3. Making sudden, drastic changes to your diet

This is most common when a new year is beginning and people want to lose weight and be healthier. Slashing calories in half all of the sudden can help you lose weight in a record amount of time, but it is more effective in the long term to be more moderate when cutting calories.

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4. Relying on documentaries as the only source of information

Not every nutrition documentary is bad, but relying on them to get your nutrition information can be harmful. Nippard says that those documentaries are usually created by producers that have a goal in mind that they want to prove. So don’t fall for The Game Changers, Supersize Me, or What The Health, for example.

5. Focusing too much on supplements

This is not to say supplements don’t work, but they are not as nearly important as a foundational nutritious food intake you should get from eating carbs, fats, and protein on a regular basis. As a beginner, the only supplement Nippard recommends is protein powder, perhaps creatine and caffeine.

If you want to know more about the worst diet mistakes for losing fat, check out Nippard’s video below.

VIDEO – Worst Diet Mistakes For Losing Fat

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