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16 Muscle-Building Mistakes Beginners Make

Avoid these for your benefit!

Are you getting pumped to get strong? Did you just start or are thinking of joining your local gym for that? Check out 16 muscle-building mistakes beginners make and be sure not to do them.

When it comes to building muscle, being a noob is actually a good thing. That is because there is something called “noob gains” in which your body gets exposed to a new stimulus and can grow exponentially.

How to Build Muscle – A Beginner’s Guide to Hypertrophy

muscle-building mistakes beginners make

Unfortunately, the more fit you get, the harder it is to become even fitter and stronger. To make sure that you reap all the benefits of these “noob gains” in the gym, Jeff Cavaliere shared 16 muscle-building mistakes beginners make.

Jeff Cavaliere was the head physical therapist of the New York Mets for 3 years and is now a YouTube sensation. He delivers clear information without noise on his ATHLEAN-X YouTube channel.

16 Muscle-Building Mistakes Beginners Make

Cavaliere’s muscle-building mistakes beginners make are the following:

  1. Junk Volume Weight Training
  2. Know Your Body’s Limitation
  3. Keep Shoulders Down and Sternum at Front for Chest Exercises
  4. Do Corrective Exercises
  5. Mind-Muscle Connection
  6. Eccentric Phase
  7. Choose Harder Bodyweight Exercises Instead of Just Adding More Reps
  8. Face Pulls
  9. Train Through Injury vs Train Around Injury
  10. Increase Intensity with Shorter Workout Duration
  11. Trap Food
  12. Be Flexible With Your Diet
  13. Honour Your Sweet Tooth
  14. Meal Prep
  15. Electrolytes and Sugar
  16. Keep Hydrated and Drink Water After Waking Up

There is a lot to unpack in Cavaliere’s list of 16 muscle-building mistakes beginners make. He is actually talking about the mistakes he’s done in the past and that he regrets.

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Possibly you can learn from his mistakes, so just click on the video below to see his entire explanation of each of these muscle-building mistakes beginners make.

VIDEO – Muscle-Building Mistakes Beginners Make

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