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2019 CrossFit Rulebook: 6 Important Changes You Need to Know About

2. National Champions will be Going to The CrossFit Games

The top male and female athletes from every country will be sent invitations to The 2019 CrossFit Games. They must place first on the Open Leaderboard of their respective country in order to claim this title. An athlete must finish all of the prescribed Open workouts, verify their residency, and win their country’s Open.

3. Athletes will be Seeded Going into The CrossFit Games

All athletes that qualify for the CrossFit Games will be seeded according to their ranking in the Open. Although it has not been confirmed yet, there have been rumours of an elimination style event at The CrossFit Games in order to reduce the large number of athletes that will qualify as National Champions. 

If an athlete within the top 20 is also a National Champion, CrossFit Inc. will backfill the top 20 position to the next athlete in line. If an athlete declines to compete in the Games or is a member of a team that has been invited to compete, CrossFit Inc will backfill the position to the next athlete in line.

Should an athlete within the top 20 receive an invitation to compete in the Games by winning a Sanctionals competition, CrossFit Inc. will not backfill the top 20 position to the next athlete.

4. CrossFit Rulebook: Only Concept2 Rowers May be Used

After problems with rowers from different companies during 18.1, CrossFit have been quick to clarify that Concept2 must be used. Good for Box owners to know.

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