3 Best Exercises for Defined V Cut Lower Abs

Optimise your core and abs.

Use these tips from Jeff at Athlean X to get V cut lower abs.

Best Exercises for Defined V Cut Lower Abs

“The lower abs are definitely one of the hardest areas for guys to get to show because it’s where most stubborn body fat accumulates.  That said, provided you have a solid meal plan and the right ab exercises to target the lower abs the way they are meant to be trained, you can definitely get them to show!  In this video, I show you three lower ab exercises that you can start doing right away to get your midsection to pop more and get the right kind of attention.”

Best Exercises for Defined V Cut Lower Abs

“The reason these three ab exercises were selected was due to the fact that in order to really target the core correctly you absolutely have to include movements that don’t isolate the rectus abdominus but rather integrate the rectus with the other muscles of the stomach (the internal obliques, external obliques, and transverse abdominus).  The famous v-cut or adonis belt is formed by the effect of the obliques attaching to the inguinal ligament and the transverse abdominus pushing up from underneath.”

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“The combination of these ab and core muscles acting this way helps to make the v-cut lower abs much more prominent (especially the lower your belly fat is).  So, in order to activate these abs muscles more you have to be sure to include movements that simultaneously flex the spine and rotates it.”

Best Exercises for Defined V Cut Lower Abs

“Here are the three core / lower ab exercises in this video”

– The Hanging Cyclone Twist – This lower abs exercise fits perfectly into any home ab workout since it only requires a pullup bar that you can hang in a doorway.  Twist your torso and then raise up your lower legs to squeeze the abs and obliques. 

– The Pivot Reverse Crunch is a great lower abs exercise that forces your obliques and core to work together in much the same way as they do on the bar.  This is an easy to include home exercise and great for getting that killer 6 pack!

– The Plank Pull is another crazy six pack carver as it incorporates rotation and transverse abdominus activation for an insane belly burn.  Be sure to rotate your trunk as you pull your arm into your side to ignite the lower abs.

Video – Best Exercises for Defined V Cut Lower Abs

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