How a Skinny Guy Built a Big Chest (and You Can Too)

Build a bigger chest.

Check out how a skinny guy built a big chest and use the same tips to improve your body.

Jeff from Athlean X explain…

How a Skinny Guy Built a Big Chest

“If you want to build a big chest and feel that you’re too skinny to do it, you need to watch this. In this video, you will see how a hardgainer built a bigger chest and be able to copy the exact same workout tips and tricks to make the same type of gains.”

Lower-Chest-parts-of-the-body how a skinny guy built a big chest

“The first important point is to make sure that you are performing the bench press if you want to grow a bigger chest. This key compound exercise for the chest is one of the most effective for packing on size and strength. The big thing that Jesse did, however, was increasing the frequency of how often he was benching and continuing to progressively overload the exercise as well.”

How a Skinny Guy Built a Big Chest

“However, it is well known that it’s daily easy to stall on the bench press and see limited progress, so it is important to explore other exercises to build a big chest too. Extra exercises will not only allow for the opportunity to explore adduction of the chest, but incorporate different muscle building techniques as well. To grow muscle, progressive overload is not the only route you should take, but you should also include metabolic stress as well as a focus on the eccentrics.”

How a Skinny Guy Built a Big Chest

“Taking a powerbuilding approach allows for you to explore the avenues of strength in the compound lifts, such as the bench press, and build the most muscle possible using isolation exercises that allow for the use of different muscle building techniques with moves like the cable press, cable crossovers, and the cable saw.”

How a Skinny Guy Built a Big Chest

“Next, you need to emphasize a serious focus on the upper chest. You might not realize this, but the overall size of the pecs is greatly influenced by the upper, clavicular portion. A lagging upper chest will lead to less than ideal overall pec development and make them look bottom-heavy. So, it is important to make sure you attack this area effectively. The way that Jesse did this was by incorporating a 2:1 exercise ratio. For every chest exercise he did that was not focused on the upper chest, he did two exercises specifically targeting that area. The extra volume directed towards the upper chest made a huge difference in growth. Some of the exercises of choice were low-to-high crossovers, incline dumbbell bench press, upper chest pullovers, and decline pushups.”

How a Skinny Guy Built a Big Chest

“Now, to get a bigger wider chest, you have to explore full range of motion to engage the all-important stretch range of each exercise. We know that many muscle groups respond great to stretch overload (such as the traps and the calves) and the chest is one of them. That means we need to be aware of and focus on the stretch portion of each exercise. On an exercises such as the dumbbell bench press, this means making surer that at the bottom of the rep, the dumbbell needs to be touching the outside of the chest. Another good chest exercise for exploring this stretch is the cable crossover.”

“So now that we know the importance of getting a stretch on the pecs through an exercises full range of motion, is there a way we can reinforce that? Well, there is a great way to do that actually, and it is through the use of pause reps. Paused reps are great not only for removing momentum from a lift as well as increasing the time under load, but also reinforcing full range of motion.”

How a Skinny Guy Built a Big Chest

“On an exercise like the dumbbell bench press, holding the dumbbells at the bottom of the rep for a 2-3 count will accentuate the stretch you feel in your pecs. This technique is also great for a chest exercise like the high-to-low crossover. Unlike a standard db fly, you’re not placing your anterior shoulder capsule into a vulnerable position lacking support. Just make sure that when you are doing a chest dip, you don’t go too low that you end up putting your shoulders in a vulnerable position.”

“To round out the appearance of the chest, you are going to to want to target the lower chest as well. I put together a whole video detailing how to target this area to get defined pecs that you can check out via the link below.”

Video – How a Skinny Guy Built a Big Chest

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