3 Habits To Double Your Fat Loss For Good

Discover 3 habits to double your fat loss with Mario Tomic.

Mario Tomic is an entrepreneur who helps other busy working professionals get fit and build a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

In a video on his YouTube channel, he shared 3 habits to double your fat loss. Check it out.

3 Habits To Double Your Fat Loss

1. Add a Margin of Safety

For this first of 3 habits to double your fat loss, Tomic cites an example of an engineer building a bridge. Suppose the bridge will be able to handle 5000 tons of weight, but regularly that bridge is exposed to 4500 tons. “What happens if the material degrades over time, what happens if there is an accident and there is a need for 500 or 600 tons, the bridge is going to collapse.”

A smart engineer, in this case, would build a bridge that is able to handle 20000 tons of weight and it will be fine no matter what adversity is thrown at it. This mentality should also be applied when dieting.

There are a lot of sources of calories that you might not be thinking about that can slow down your results a lot.

The food packaging industry is not forced to express the exact calories in their meals when you buy something at a supermarket. So 250 calories could, in fact, be 300 calories and that adds up at the end of a week. A similar thought happens when you eat out, when you don’t know exactly how many calories you are ingesting.

To tackle this you can overestimate calories when you eat out (about 30%), replace packaged foods with whole foods, and get better at tracking your diet.

2. Leverage the 1-in-60 Rule

This concept comes from aviation, in which it says that when you are off by 1 degree on your heading, in 60 miles you will be off by an entire mile.

3 Habits To Double Your Fat Loss

The same idea can be applied when trying to lose weight. Divide your day into four parts: morning, mid-day, afternoon, and evening. If you make a mistake in one of the quarters, you still have three quarters of the day to do well and still make it a successful day. You can also shift that focus on a weekly basis, if one day is terrible for your diet, you have 6 other days to get back on track.

3. Go Beyond The Diet

Tomic says that most of the issues when trying to lose weight don’t happen because of the diet, but rather things outside that influence your eating. For example, if you are stressed out at work, you won’t think rationally and will make bad decisions with old eating habits. Another example is being sleep deprived, which hinders muscle building and weight loss.

And that was Tomic’s 3 habits to double your fat loss. Check out his full explanation by clicking on the video below.

VIDEO – 3 Habits To Double Your Fat Loss

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