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38 Best Exercises with a Resistance Band (Full Body Training)

Resistance bands are incredibly versatile – learn how to make the most of yours.

These 38 best exercises with a resistance band will target many muscles in your body. Many of these exercises would generally require external weights, but can be very effective as bodyweight exercises with resistance bands only as well.

There are little tools are versatile as the humble resistance band, you just have to know what to do.

These exercises will help you shake up your training, improve your movement, and increase your strength.

There are many benefits to training with resistance bands: they are ideal for rehabilitation, offer a unique stimulus during exercises, and can greatly improve your strength and movement patterns.

a pair of legs performing resistance band exercises

Resistance bands can either help make exercises easier by alleviating weight or used to increase the difficulty of effectively any exercise. They are also low-cost and can be transported anywhere.

Chris Heria, fitness trainer and YouTuber, shows the 38 best exercises you can do with a resistance band.

38 Best Exercises with a Resistance Band

Use these exercises to build muscle.

  1. Tricep extension
  2. Bent over tricep kickback
  3. Overhead tricep extension
  4. Lateral bicep curl
  5. Bicep curl
  6. Straight arm frontal raise
  7. Lateral raise
  8. Rear delt fly (single arm)
  9. Assisted dips
  10. Dips
  11. Straight bar dips (assisted)
  12. Straight bar dips
  13. Push-ups
  14. Diamond push-ups
  15. Deadlift
  16. Single leg Romanian deadlift
  17. Deadlift row
  18. Assisted pull-ups
  19. High pull-up
  20. Assisted muscle-up
  21. Assisted one-arm pull-up
  22. One-arm pull-ups
  23. Straight arm lat pulldown
  24. Leg raises
  25. Seated in and outs
  26. Overhead squat
  27. Seated calf raise
  28. Seated bent-knee calf raise
  29. Reverse lunges
  30. Hefesto curls
  31. Negative hefesto
  32. Assisted hefesto
  33. Assisted planche leans
  34. Assisted full planche push-ups
  35. Assisted full planche hold
  36. Assisted front lever raises
  37. Assisted front lever hold
  38. Assisted front lever pull-ups

Watch all 38 best exercises with a resistance band being performed.

Some are easier than others, with some assisting and others adding resistance to each exercse.

There is an exercise for every muscle group in the list. Use them to create your next workout with resistance bands.

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