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4 Training Tips to Improve your Hang Snatch Technique

If you are struggling with the snatch, or want to develop explosive power and speed under the bar, then work on your hang snatch technique.

Every athlete can benefit from these training tips to improve their hang snatch technique. The hang snatch is considered one of many essentials movements in CrossFit.

“The timing, powerful hip extension, and coordination remain similar to the full snatch. However, the technical demands of arriving at the correct position are reduced compared to pulling the bar from the floor.”


The Hang Snatch has many purposes. It can be used as an exercise to help teach beginners to snatch as it is often easier than lifting from the floor because of the shortened movement and the ability to ensure proper positioning and balance at the start of the second pull.

As a training exercise, the common purpose is to develop better force production in the extension and more aggressiveness in the pull under, owing to the limited time and distance to speed up and lift the bar.

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Focus and determination!

The Hang Snatch technique is also useful for active rest days and lighter training as this variation means less work for the back and legs. Finally, it is also an incredible way to build strong shoulder stability. The snatch mobilises and stabilises when practiced and trained correctly.


With a hook grip, lift the bar to the standing position. Lower the bar under control to the chosen hang position (High Hang, Mid Hang, Low Hang, but please be safe with every position before you perform it).

Once reaching the hang position, initiate the snatch by pushing against the floor with the legs first.

  • Drive the legs against the floor and extend the hips aggressively, keeping the bar in near to the body and bringing it into contact with the hips as you reach complete extension.
  • After extending, pick up and move your feet into your squat stance while pulling your elbows high and to the sides to move yourself down into a squat under the bar. Keep the bar and your body as close to each other as possible.
  • Punch straight up against the bar overhead as you sit into the squat, stabilize, and recover to a standing position with the bar overhead.



The Shrug can be used as an assistance exercise for the high pull which is used as an assistance exercise for the power snatch which is used as an assistance exercise for the Snatch.

Important: Do not use the shrug into the Snatch. It is just for developing strength


Combining the need for hip extension and a good elbow position during the pull, working on Snatch high pulls is an awesome exercise to improve. You can even try them with pauses.


Go heavy. Heavy high hang snatches are a great developer of speed under the barbell.  Everyone has a weight limit on how much weight you can lift with your arms.  Once reached that weight limit, you have to learn how to pull your body down under the bar if you don’t want to be stuck doing the same weight for the rest of your life.  When performing these high hang snatches, you have to make sure that you hit your finish/2nd pull/jump viciously, so you generate speed on the bar. During that


The explosive action of the ankle, knee, and hip during weightlifting is a critical factor in increasing athletic success.

Triple extension is a full-body movement that requires core strength and stability that is key for a good hang snatch technique or power clean.

Check out these workouts for ways to test your snatch under many different conditions.

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