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7 Best Shoulder Exercises You Are Not Doing

Add a new stimulus to your training.

If you’ve been training for a while now, there probably are many shoulder exercises you are not doing by always performing your go-to routine.

While this might it effective, it might also be boring and, at some point, you’ll want to shake things up and add new stimuluses.

Additionally, these shoulder exercises you’re not doing might be slightly obscure, but they’re tremendously effective. So, why not add them into your training routine?

man performs effective shoulder exercise with dumbbells

7 best shoulder exercises you are not doing

You can train your shoulder in many directions and, to keep your shoulder joints healthy, you probably should. Alain Gonzalez, Certified PT and YouTuber, shares his favourite set of underutilised exercises.

Change things up with the following shoulder exercises you are not doing.

  1. Incline lateral raise with internal rotation
  2. Single arm dumbbell shoulder press
  3. Power shrugs
  4. Butterfly lateral raise
  5. Supermans
  6. Drawing the sword
  7. Arnold shoulder press
  8. Landmine press
  9. Face pulls
  10. Farmers bar with trap bar
  11. Leaning lateral raise

Watch all exercises being performed below and learn how to do them properly:

“The shoulders are a dynamic joint that can move in many directions,” says Gonzalez. “If you want strong and stable shoulders that function well in many angles, give the exercises [above] a try – your shoulders will thank you.”

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