9 Men, 10 Women and 7 Teams Cut From the 2023 CrossFit Games

The field of athletes for individuals and teams is reduced to 30 for Saturday.

On Saturday morning the field of athletes and teams competing for the title of Fittest on Earth will look different. After Friday’s last event, we will only see 30 teams, men and women on the competition floor.

How to watch the 2023 CrossFit Games

This is not the only cutting we will see during the 2023 CrossFit Games. At the end of Saturday evening, after the last event of the day, the field will be cut short once again to 20 individuals and 20 teams.

Below you will find the athletes and teams who were cut from the remaining events of the CrossFit Games.

Note: only 9 men were cut because there were only 39 athletes competing.

Individuals and Teams Cut from the 2023 CrossFit Games


  1. Jayson Hopper (USA)
  2. Kalyan Souza (Brazil)
  3. Cole Greashaber (USA)
  4. Cole Sager (USA)
  5. Alex Vigneault (USA)
  6. Michal Wesolowski (Poland)
  7. Kaique Cerveny (Brazil)
  8. Jake Douglas (Australia)
  9. Arthur Semenov (Russia Federation)

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At first, we had Kelly Baker as the 31st athlete and first to be cut, but Ellie Turner withdrew fro medical reasons and Kelly Baker was back in the competition.

  1. Kelly Baker
  2. Feeroozeh Saghafi
  3. Matilde Garnes
  4. Ella Wunger
  5. Manon Angonese
  6. Michelle Basnett
  7. Victoria Campos
  8. Shahad Budebs
  9. Emily de Rooy
  10. Emma McQuaid
  11. Ellie Turner

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  1. Cape CrossFit  Wolfpack (South Africa)
  2. AB CrossFit – Mayhem (USA)
  3. Templo SA CrossFit (Brazil)
  4. CrossFit Rotherham (U.K.)
  5. Q21 CrossFit (Argentina)
  6. CrossFit Fly High Kolesnikov Team (U.A.E.)
  7. CrossFit Marvel Black (South Korea)

You can find the full leaderboard for teams here.

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