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9 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Do CrossFit (Opinion)

Kids Should Do Crossfit? What do you think?

As a good mother should, I have recruited my two sons into the sport along with me. My boys are vastly different from each other in both personality and body type, but both have reaped the benefits of the box.

So, why should your kids do it? Based on my experience in raising boys I believe the reasons are pretty simple. The following, in no particular order, are the motivating factors behind my choice to have my boys in Crossfit.

 1. Confidence

I’ve seen big changes in the attitudes of the kids at Crossfit; some of whom walked into the box for the first time with slumped shoulders, and eyes cast downward. These same boys and girls that lacked self-confidence that first day, today walk around with heads held high and big smiles. They know they are accomplishing something, they see marked improvements in skills, lifts, speed, and the positive feedback from coaches bolsters self-esteem.

Source: Rehband
Josh Bridges and His Kids

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  • Josh Bridges and His Kids: Rehband

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