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All Athletes and Teams Cut After Last Event on Saturday at the 2022 CrossFit Games

You won't be seeing them any longer at the CrossFit Games this year.

On the last day of the 2022 CrossFit Games, the number of athletes and teams competing will be cut short.

As BOXROX has previously reported, CrossFit planned a cut of athletes and teams after the last event on Saturday. Only the top 30 individual athletes and top 20 teams will continue competing for the title of Fittest on Earth on the last day of the Games.

2022 Cut CrossFit Games

Check below which athletes and teams were cut this Saturday.

Who Was Cut After Saturday’s Last Event?


  • Cole Greashaber
  • Bayden Brown
  • Colten Mertens
  • Tudor Magda
  • Austin Spencer
  • Moritz Fiebig
  • Giorgos Karavis
  • Agustin Richelme
  • Arthur Semenov


  • Sydney Michalyshen
  • Freya Moosbrugger
  • Victoria Campos
  • Solveig Sigurdardottir
  • Elisa Fuliano
  • Caroline Conners
  • Julia Kato
  • Elena Carratala Sanahuja
  • Michelle Merand


  • CrossFit Oslo Purple Red
  • Rhapsody CrossFit
  • Ab CrossFit
  • CrossFit Westchase Red
  • CrossFit Kilo II
  • CrossFit Zarautz
  • CrossFit Mayhem Justice
  • CrossFit 2150 Team Norce BL
  • TTT CrossFit
  • CrossFit Trondheim
  • CrossFit 1855
  • CrossFit Sarpsborg
  • CrossFit 8020
  • CrossFit Tuluka

Check out Saturday’s recap for teams and individuals.

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