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Battle Cancer Returns to Berlin After COVID, Time for the Community to Sign Up

The fantastic Battle Cancer charity fitness event will return to Berlin this September and you should definitely sign up.

The Battle Cancer CrossFit Challenge will return to Berlin for an epic day of team workouts for charity.

The fundraising fitness event will take place on Saturday, September 18 at Beach Mitte, a unique beach club in the heart of Berlin.

Teams of four will take on fun and accessible workouts and support Deutsche Krebshilfe and other German cancer charities along the way.


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Battle Cancer is the world’s leading functional fitness fundraising event series.

Battle Cancer events are fun, inspiring challenges for all abilities – from CrossFit Games athletes to regular gym-goers and cancer survivors.

“Battle Cancer is designed to be a tough test of communication, mental grit and physical ability, but all of our movements can be adapted for those with adaptions or restricted movement. No barbell, no rig, no gymnastics, and no-one left unable to take part,” said Battle Cancer Founder, Scott Britton.

Jetzt ist es soweit, melde dich für die Battle Cancer CrossFit Challenge an.

functional fitness event Battle Cancer CrossFit ChallengeSource: Battle Cancer Berlin

What you can expect

There will be four 9-minute functional fitness workouts over the duration of the day, each incorporating “teamwork, high-intensity cardio, FUN-ctional fitness, and accessible weights.”

There will be hammocks, a live DJ, glitter “battle paint”, temporary Battle Cancer tattoos, vendor activations and more.

Athletes display teamwork at the Battle Cancer CrossFit Challenge BerlinSource: Battle Cancer Berlin

Who can compete?

Teams are made up of four people and there are three divisions:

  • Men’s Team: 4 men
  • Women’s Team: 4 women
  • Mixed Team: any combination of genders

You can also sign up as a “Maverick,” meaning you sign up as an individual and team up on the day.

All fitness abilities are welcome regardless of sporting background or level of experience. You can always scale movements too if you’re an adaptive athlete or have restricted movement.

The ticket price for a team of four is €200. BOXROX readers get a last minute 20% off entry with code BOXROX20.

Why you should sign up

It’s great fun and you’ll be working out for a very good cause.

Your ticket price helps to run the Battle Cancer events, so it’s your fundraising that really makes a difference.

The Battle Cancer CrossFit Challenge is not just another “CrossFit/Functional Fitness Event.” Battle Cancer cares about the good that people do together – the fundraising over podiums places, the laughter over PB deadlifts, and friendship through shared experience over competition.⁣

To date, Battle Cancer has raised over £900,000 for almost 40 cancer charities worldwide helped by nearly 20,000 athletes.

Your participation helps drive this incredible work.

Burpees in the sand at Battle Cancer BerlinSource: Battle Cancer Berlin

Support any cancer charity

Your first workout will be an AMRAP, but not in the traditional sense; it’ll be an As Much Raised As Possible.

You can start as soon as you sign up, with the aim of fundraising as much as you can to support a cancer charity of your choice.

Your fundraising counts towards your score on the leaderboard!

The official partner charity for Battle Cancer Berlin is Deutsche Krebshilfe, but you can choose any registered cancer charity to support.

“We’ve also launched our own cause, the Battle Cancer Program, which offers a tailored 12-week exercise program in local gyms for those post-cancer treatment. If you’re not sure who to fundraise for, we’d love you to fundraise for the Battle Cancer Program!” -Battle Cancer

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Battle Cancer has changed what post-cancer support looks like with the world’s first 12 week free strength and fitness program tailored specifically for those post-cancer treatment.

Follow Battle Cancer on Instagram @battle.cancer

Athlete does functional fitness in outdoor competition Battle CancerSource: Battle Cancer

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