Best Bicep Finisher Exercises

If you want bigger biceps, this will help.

A big and wide bicep is a difficult thing to accomplish. However, to get that goal, here are the 3 best bicep finisher exercises you can incorporate into your training.

If you are looking to get bigger arms, you should focus on training your triceps as these are the biggest muscles on your arms.

However small the biceps are, it is still regarded as an important and attractive muscle group (especially men). Looking to get wider and fuller biceps is no easy feat.

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For that to happen, you need to know how to tackle this muscle group. And after you did your arm workout, you can use these best bicep finisher exercises.

The exercises were shared by Vince Sant from V Shred, a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers.

Check it out.

Best Bicep Finisher Exercises

1. Ten By Ten

  • 10 reps on a preacher curl with halfway down reps.

You will do 10 reps on the preacher curl. However, you should aim to use much lighter weights than you normally do.

The trick here is that on each repetition you will lower the handles only halfway down the number of times of the repetition.

In the end, if you count the half reps, you will be making 45 reps, although you are only counting ten.

2. 21’s

  • 3 sets of 7 reps on a barbell with different concentric phases.

You may choose the order of the sets you will be doing. But the main take that makes this one of the best bicep finisher exercises is that you will be curling a barbell 7 times with a full range of motion, another set curling only the top half of the exercise and the other set curling only the half portion of the curl.

3. Inverted Pyramid Dumbbell Curls

  • 1 set until failure with dumbbells – choose a lighter dumbbell and do another set until you “run down the rack”

For this exercise, you will need a large set of dumbbells. Choose the heaviest set of dumbbells you can perform 10 curls with. Do one set until failure.

After that, choose a somewhat lighter pair of dumbbells (perhaps 5 pounds lighter) and do another set of curls until failure. Continue doing that, choosing lighter dumbbells for each new set, until you have reached the lightest weight on the dumbbell rack.

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