Best Fat-Burning Exercises For Men Using Only the Barbell

Looking for the best fat-burning exercises for men? Here is a list of 5 movements from Vince del Monte.

Vince del Monte is a former WBFF Pro Fitness Model who became a coach teaching people how to build muscle, especially skinny guys, and how to create online programs. He’s got almost half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Best Fat-Burning Exercises For Men

In a video, Vince del Monte lists the 5 best fat-burning exercises for men.

According to him, you will use the same weight throughout every exercise, making this an awesome fat-burning workout with 5 movements. After finishing all exercises back-to-back, you have completed 1 round of the workout. You will be doing this workout for 20 minutes.

“The sequence of those exercises is critical,” del Monte says. “If you change the order of those exercises, you’re gonna pay for it.” According to him, it accommodates fatigue setting in from the smaller muscle groups.

best fat-burning exercises for men

To make these the best fat-burning exercises for men, you will want to add weight to the bar every week and perhaps complete more rounds in the same 20 minutes. The time you do the workout is always the same, but the idea is to have more weight on the bar and be able to complete more rounds as you progressively get stronger.

Enough chi-chat, check below the 5 best fat-burning exercises for men below and make this your workout if you want to lose weight for good and get fitter in the process.

1. Military Press

  • 6 reps
sam kwant nutrition Benefits of the Strict Press

Also known as an overhead press with a barbell, this exercise is arguably the best compound movement for your shoulders.

2. Front Squat

  • 7 reps

If you have the mobility for it, don’t re-rack the barbell and go straight from the military press to the front squat.

3. Bent-Over Rows

  • 8 reps

Bent-over rows are a back builder exercise that will hit your lower back and work on the width.

4. Deadlift

  • 9 reps
deadlift variations

Another amazing exercise on this list is the deadlift. There are incredible benefits to doing deadlift regularly, one of them, you guessed it, is to lose weight.

Deadlift will target your back and lower body in a well-rounded compound movement that everyone should be doing.

5. Back Squat

  • 10 reps

To finish off the round are back squats. It is another exercise that will focus on your lower body, putting a lot of emphasis on your quads and also engaging your abs.

And that is Vince del Monte’s list of the 5 best fat-burning exercises for men. If you want a better explanation of each one of them and why they are on this list, click on the video below.

VIDEO – Best Fat-Burning Exercises For Men

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