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8 NEW Bicep Exercises You Have Never Done Before

Grow more muscle mass for your arms.

This article will show you 8 new bicep exercises that you have never done before. Add them into your training and send your arm strength and muscle mass to the next level.

Bicep Exercises you have Never Done Before

1. Drag Curl

2. Cable Preacher Curl

3. Dumbbell Waiter Curl

4. Cable Spider Curl

5. Weighted Chin Ups

6. Zottman Curl

7. TRX Bicep Curl

8. Sled Rope Pull

Enhance your Training

“If you’re trying to grow your biceps you’re probably already doing plenty of the traditional bicep exercises like Barbell curls, preacher curls, and concentration curls.”

Biceps-Muscles How to Get Big Biceps How to Get Bigger Arms in Less than 3 Minutes Which Type of Biceps Curl is Best for YOUR Biceps? Bicep Exercises You Have Never Done Before

“Even though these are some of the best bicep exercises that you can do, if you’re not switching it up and incorporating some of the other less common exercises, you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to stimulate your biceps in a new way. By doing that, you’ll be leaving a lot on the table in terms of growth.”

“Hitting your biceps from different angles with unique challenging exercises can help you optimally develop both heads of the biceps. Your arms will look fuller and thicker in no time. And of course, changing up your bicep workouts always makes things more interesting for you as well, so let’s start with the first amazing exercise which is the barbell drag curl.”

Bicep Exercises You Have Never Done Before – Barbell Drag Curl

“The drag curl has some unique advantages over regular curling exercises. You see with regular barbell bicep curls you wind-up incorporating the front part of your shoulder into the movement.”

“This happens even if you have good form, and it’s especially true if you have bad form. With the drag curl, on the other hand, you take the front deltoids out and shift the tension almost entirely onto the biceps. Specifically, you’ll be targeting the long head of the biceps more. This will help you develop that peak.”

Technique Tips

“So, to perform drag curls you’re going to start by standing straight up with your arms down and your elbows extended. Hold a barbell in your hands with a grip that’s about shoulder width apart or a little wider.”

Gym Hacks For Bigger Biceps Science Based Tips to Get Bigger Arms Fast concentration curls Best Training Tip to Help Biceps Grow The Real Reason Your Biceps Look FlatSource: Norbert Buduczki / Unsplash

“Then you’re going to curl the barbell up towards your upper chest. But instead of curling straight up like you would with a regular barbell bicep curl, you’re going to pull your elbows back and drag the bar as close as you can to your body the whole time.”

“As you do this, make sure that your elbows are tight to your sides rather than flaring out. When you get to the top, slowly lower back down while still keeping the bar as close to you as possible. Then repeat for reps.”

“Keep in mind that this exercise is a lot more challenging than a regular curl so you will definitely have to use a lot less weight. If your wrists bother you when performing this exercise, you can also use an EZ bar instead and It’ll allow you to take a much more comfortable grip.”

Bicep Exercises You Have Never Done Before – Cable Preacher Curl

“Moving on to the next one we have the cable preacher curl. Now it’s no secret that the regular preacher curl is one of the best exercises that you can do for your biceps. It locks your elbows in place and prevents you from cheating and using momentum. But by performing preacher curls on a cable crossover, you’ll get all the benefits of the regular preacher curl with the addition of constant tension on your biceps throughout the whole range of motion.”

“You see with the traditional preacher curl the tension decreases as you get closer to the top of each rep. On the other hand, with the cables, you’ll keep constant tension the whole time even if you try to rest at the very top.”


“So, to begin you’ll want to lower the pulley to the bottom of a cable cross and attach an ez bar or a straight bar to it. Then take a wide grip, stand straight up, and take a few steps back. Next, you’ll squat down and place the lower part of your triceps over your knees. Your elbows should be a little past your knees and your arms should be extended.”

“Before beginning, make sure you lean slightly backwards to prevent the weight from pulling you off balance as you perform your reps. Then, just like you would with regular preacher curls, you’ll curl the weight up towards your collar bones and then slowly lower back down before repeating for reps.

“As opposed to the drag curls that target the long head, these preacher curls target the short head of the bicep on the outside of your arm.”

Watch the video from Gravity Transformation to learn more about the rest of the exercises and how to perform them correctly.

Video – Bicep Exercises You Have Never Done Before


1. 0:48 Drag Curl

2. 2:10 Cable Preacher Curl

3. 3:33 Dumbbell Waiter Curl

4. 4:50 Cable Spider Curl

5. 6:01 Weighted Chin Ups

6. 7:39 Zottman Curl

7. 8:42 TRX Bicep Curl

8. 9:45 Sled Rope Pull

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Muscles of the Arms and Shoulders

Learn more about the muscles of the arms and shoulders.

Bicep Exercises You Have Never Done Before – Biceps

You can feel your biceps brachii when you flex your arm at the elbow. The biceps brachii is a muscle in the upper arm that functions to flex the elbow.

If you turn your palm up then bend your elbow so that your forearm moves toward your body, you’re using this muscle. This action is called supination (think about trying to pick something up with an open hand).

The origins of the biceps brachii include:

  • Supraglenoid tubercle – part of scapula (shoulder blade)
  • Lower half of anterior surface – humerus (upper arm bone)

Bicep Exercises You Have Never Done Before – Triceps brachii

Your triceps brachii is a three-headed muscle that extends the arm and flexes the elbow. It’s located on the back of your upper arm, behind your biceps. When you straighten your arm when lifting something heavy, it’s working hard to help you out!

The triceps brachii muscle can be divided into three heads: long head, lateral head and medial head. The long head originates from the scapula (shoulder blade) while other two heads originate from humerus bone.

Actions performed by this muscle are as follows:

  • Extend forearm at elbow joint
  • Adduct forearm towards midline of body

Bicep Exercises You Have Never Done Before – Coracobrachialis

The coracobrachialis is a muscle that attaches to the upper arm bone and shoulder blade. It helps lift the arm, especially when you bend your elbow.

You can find it by running your fingers from your shoulder down to where your bicep starts, then moving around slightly until you feel a bulge or lump in this area.

Bicep Exercises You Have Never Done Before – Serratus anterior

The serratus anterior helps with shoulder elevation by acting on the scapula. The muscle’s origin is the outer surface of the upper 8 ribs, and its insertion is on the medial border of the scapula. Its action is protraction of the scapula; this means that it pulls your shoulder blade forward, away from your body.

There are many muscles in the arms and shoulders that help create motion

There are many muscles in the arms and shoulders that help create motion. The most important muscle groups are the biceps and triceps, located on the front of your upper arm. The biceps flexes your arm at the elbow, while triceps extends it.

The muscle groups in the arms and shoulders are not equal. The anterior deltoid performs both antero-posterior flexion of the humerus (bringing it closer to your body).

A second group of deltoids perform transverse abduction, also called horizontal adduction, which brings your arm across you as if you were making a cross with your arms (this action is commonly used when playing sports).

Another group called middle trapezius performs elevation: lifting up onto one’s toes for example.

In addition to those three motions, there is also extension: moving something away from an upright position. For example, when lowering yourself down from standing on tip-toed feet back down onto flat ones again.

Conclusion – Bicep Exercises You Have Never Done Before

The shoulder and arm muscles are critical for the motions of the shoulders, arms and hands. They help us to grasp objects, move our arms around, and perform all kinds of tasks that require strength.

These new biceps exercises will help you keep your training fun and fresh.

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