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The 24 Best Hanging Abs Exercises for a Strong Core

Train your abs from a hanging position.

We’re all familiar with the crunch as an ab exercise, but you can also train your midline not by lifting your torso but by lifting your legs, and that’s when you’ll want to know what the best hanging abs exercises are.

Now, before you start training with unrealistic expectations know this: while hanging abs exercises can help develop your abs, they won’t show unless your body fat is below a certain level (which you achieve through nutrition).

Once you change your nutrition over time, abs exercises can help increase the size of your abs.

45 Best Hanging Abs Exercises

  1. Hanging Knee Raise to 90 Degrees
  2. Hanging Knee Raise Full
  3. Hanging Knee Raise from 90 Degrees
  4. Hanging Knee Raise Full with L Eccentric
  5. Hanging Leg Raise to 90 Degrees
  6. Hanging Leg Raise Full
  7. Hanging Leg Raise from 90 Degrees
  8. Around the World Tucked
  9. Around the World Full
  10. Hanging L-Scissors
  11. Hanging Tuck Rotation
  12. Hanging L Rotations
  13. Hanging Knee Raise Hold to 90 Degrees
  14. Hanging L Hold at 90 Degrees
  15. Hanging V Hold
  16. L Lever Hold
  17. Tuck Windshield Wiper
  18. Full Windshield Wiper
  19. Diagonal hanging Knee Raise
  20. Diagonal Hanging Leg Raise
  21. L-Lever to Inverted Hang
  22. Hanging L to Inverted Hang
  23. Hanging Tuck Oblique Crunch
  24. Hanging Full Oblique Crunch

Watch a demo of these best hanging abs exercises

Hanging Knee Raise

Hanging Knee Raises are a hanging bodyweight exercise that target the core and grip.

They involve hinging the lower body upwards with the legs in a tucked position and provide exceptional stimulus for the midline.

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The L Sit

The L sit is an isometric move that will fire up your entire body with a focus on your core. Although not impressive to look at, it is certainly not easy to do it.

As an advanced exercise, this bodyweight movement will increase your overall strength without the need to use gym equipment.

You will feel the burn on your core and should be able to get closer to seeing a six-pack if you can’t already.

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Strict Toes to Bar

“The strict toes-to-bar is a staple in the conditioning programs of many gymnasts. Although a relatively non-technical movement, performing it well demands trunk strength, flexibility, and control. Pushing into the bar with straight arms allows you to use the strength of the upper body to assist with elevating the legs. Make sure to keep the legs together and as straight as flexibility will allow.”

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Now you know how to spice up your next abs session!

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